The Deal Hunter Diary: Jess Zaino

Jess hearts … Target, Style Mint, and eBay

I am super-duper excited about the second installment in The Deal Hunter Diary. This time I am picking the deal hunting brain of Jess Zaino. Jess Zaino is the Style Producer for the ABC show, The Chew. She is also happens to be one of the 18 most influential style bloggers on the Glamour Magazine Blogger Network. You may have even spotted Jess on Good Day LA, FOX News and WABC, as she is a regularly sourced fashion expert. And perhaps the most awesome thing about Jess is that she is the owner of the national shopping brand, Cheap Chic Shopping Tours, a group shopping tour which promises a new wardrobe for one hundred dollars– How cool is that?!

That’s just the tip of iceberg of Zaino’s awesome career but I think the stats above definitely confirm that homegirl knows how to score a deal. Keep reading to find out where Jess deal hunts, the best deal she’s ever scored, and much more …

Where do you go to hunt down deals?

On my Upper East side block alone, are six incredible thrift stores. I start there. And Target still remains a favorite. They take all current fashion trends and replicate the look of them for a whole lot less.

What is the best deal you’ve scored?

I just bought egg shell blue, patent leather, Stuart Weitzman high heel shoes for my wedding for a cool $60, down from $795.

What is the most dramatic thing you’ve done for a deal?

I consigned half a closet of clothes to Buffalo Exchange, in exchange for a Chloe Trench, the Stella McCartney years.

Is there a deal that you found but didn’t buy and later regretted it aka shopper’s remorse?

I’m always on the hunt for a cape that works.

Shopping style – solo or with a friend?

Solo, for sure. You cover more ground and are more focused to find the best deal. You won’t miss that amazing pre-owned bag if you’re in an in depth convo about last night’s date.

Are you a fashion hoarder or a fashion purger?

Purger. I am the law of fashion circulation.

Item you are currently sale stalking?

Anything by the Olsen Twins on StyleMint. All graphic print pants. A perfect boot for Fall / Winter.

Best shopping advice you’ve given or received?

If you leave the store, and two days later are still coveting the piece, then go get it, girl!

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