How to Shop at Marshalls

Growing up I shopped for school clothes at two major places, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. At the time I wasn’t too excited about it (I wanted to shop at the Limited Too) but later in life I began to appreciate a good bargain. Clearly those shopping techniques have served me well today. I still pop into Marshalls from time to time to shop for myself and for my clients. With each visit to Marshalls I am more and more impressed. Marshalls is really stepping their game up with an amazing contemporary designer selection for women, European designers for men, and an insane shoe department. Here are a couple of tips to help you successfully shop at Marshalls.

1.) Shop early for sanity and selection. I will not shop at Marshalls during the weekend if I can help it – way too busy and crazy. Shop, with what I call the mom crowd, on weekdays in the morning hours. Tuesdays at 10am is the sweet spot for me. It’s much easier to sort through racks of clothing without a crowd.

2.) Scope out the specialty racks. In the women’s department before you arrive at the sea of racks there are smaller racks marked with special signs. These racks often have contemporary labels like Alice + Olivia, Bird by Juicy Couture, and the likes. If you get lucky you might even find some higher end designers like Moschino.

3.) Shop for your dude. My local Marshalls has incredible stuff for men like McQ by Alexander McQueen, D&G, Vince, John Varvatos and more. Check it out for the man in your life or create an look that incorporates menswear elements – I do it all the time.

4.) Take a trip to shoe heaven! Something that sets Marshalls apart from TJ Maxx is their Shoe Mega Shop. There are a ton of amazing shoes for less. From mid-range lines like to Dolce Vita and LAMB to higher end lines like Kate Spade.

5.) Buy now, decide later. Like any bargain shopping joint there isn’t a lot of time to hymn and haw. Take advantage of the 30 day return policy by taking it home and bringing it back if it doesn’t work.

That’s all I’ve got. Happy shopping!!

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