Messiah Moment: Denim + Neon = The Perfect Pair

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a huge fan of the neon trend that is happening right now. In fact, I am trying to wear it as much as I can before it goes back into the fashion vault waiting patiently to resurface in another 30 years.

I wore this little ensemble to teach a class at School of Style this past weekend. I’ll admit when I put this outfit on I thought to myself, “Is this really how a 31 year old should dress?” Then I thought “Oh, whatever?” and headed out the door. Glad I did because I felt good in this outfit and at the end of the day isn’t that all that matters?


Dress- H&M, Denim Jacket,  H&M, Hat- Burberry

Necklace- Ann Taylor, Shoes- Punk Rose, Shoe Wings- Shwings

Spiked bracelet- Forever 21


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