How to Shop at TJ Maxx

Nothing beats the look of shock and awe on my clients’ faces when they see that I have pulled amazing pieces for them from TJ Maxx. Here is a typical reaction: “Seriously, you got this at TJ Maxx?!” People seriously underestimate the power of TJ Maxx or as I called it “the Teej”.

I was practically raised at TJ Maxx – as a teen that is where almost all of my shopping was done. My Mom loved a good deal and passed that bargain hunting gene on to me (thanks, Mom). Gone are the days of pretending you forgot where that cool blouse came from when someone asks where you got it. Now you can proudly say TJ Maxx because finding a deal is like mad cool.

If you know how to shop at TJ Maxx you will surely walk out with an amazing deal. A deal so amazing you will want to shout it from the rooftops. Just follow my tips and you’ll be good to go.

1.) Find a TJ Maxx with The Runway. The Runway at TJ Maxx is pure genius! It’s their newest department that has contemporary and European designers. This department is like a little slice of heaven. Before The Runway came around I would dig through racks and racks hoping to find a “fancy” designer gem but this departments makes it super easy. Do yourself a favor and check out the bag section within this department. Hello, amazing!! They have Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Celine, Prada, and more.

2.) Don’t forget the contemporary section. Sometimes I get so swept up in The Runway that I forget about the regular contemporary department. My local TJ Maxx always has shirts by Equipment (best button down shirts ever) on the cheap. They also have the usual suspects like C&C California, Ella Moss, and Juicy Couture.

3.) The beauty is the best. I have always loved the beauty department at TJ Maxx the soaps and products are wonderful. They have high end products and tools for dirt cheap. Whenever they have markdowns in this section I go crazy- these items make for great gifts and you won’t find a better deal anywhere.

4.) Don’t sleep on the jewelry counter. Back in the day I used to walk right past the jewelry counter. I assumed there was nothing good in there, it was probably too expensive (hence the glass case), and it would annoy the salespeople to have to open the case for me. That was some silly thinking I had. There are some really great deals and great pieces in that case. Oh and of course the sales people want to open the case for you! It’s their job to sell product. I found an amazing silver ring at TJ Maxx a few years ago for a cool $30. The ring is a really high quality piece and I wear it almost every day.

5.) Scour the dress department. The dress departments is cool because it’s a mash-up of all the departments. I find the best deals for my clients in this section. I’ve found dresses by Calvin Klein, Alice + Olivia, Black Halo, Donna Karan, Max Studio, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and more in this department.

6.) Be a bag lady. If the handbags in The Runway department are a little too steep (even at a discount designer bags are expensive) head on over to the regular handbag department. The selection of quality mid-range bags is one of the best in town. If you haven’t heard of the label, no big – just look for a 100% leather bag because they will hold up longer than the less expensive non-leather versions. I have purchased some “no-name” 100% Italian leather bags from TJ Maxx that raked in the compliments and they have held up beautifully over the years.

7.) Trust the buyers and check back often. Erase your old ideas about TJ Maxx from your head, their buyers know what they are doing. TJ Maxx isn’t a place where past season pieces go to die. The garments they choose to sell are on trend and super-stylish. Just walk in knowing that every single trip may not produce a home run. The good news is, they get new merchandise all the time so check back often.

Hope you enjoyed my 7 tips for shopping at TJ Maxx. Happy Shopping!


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