20 Essentials for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

You read about them in virtually every fashion magazine – the key pieces that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Even after having all of that information crammed down our throats we still manage to leave out the essentials. Why? I relate it to vitamins, you know they are good for you and that you’re supposed to take them but at the end of the day, junk food is just more fun. Same goes with trendy and uber-stylish pieces – I would pick buying them over a classic white blouse any day. However the older I get the most I’ve come to respect and appreciate a good old wardrobe staple. I would just die without my trusty leather jacket, my fitted black blazer, and a slew of fitted black and white tanks.

So with that, here is my list of essentials. Eat up! Does your wardrobe have the essentials?

1.) Leather jacket

2.) Fitted black blazer

3.) Little Black Dress

4.) White button down shirt

5.) Classic black pumps

6.) Leopard print shoes

7.) Skinny jeans

8.) Bootcut jeans

9.) Black pencil skirt

10.) Cashmere cardigan

11.) Trench coat

12.) Quality leather bag

13.) Ballet flats

14.) Black trousers

15.) A white and a black tee or tank

16.) Designer sunglasses

17.) Denim shorts

18.) Jean jacket

19.) Belt in a neutral color or print

20.) A versatile hat

So tell me … Did I leave anything out?

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