Rumor Has It: Margiela for H&M

Maison Martin Margiela is one of my favorite designer labels, hands down. Walking into their boutiques make me want to break out into a million happy dances. The creativity involved in their garments are out of this world amazing.

So this morning when I read that Margiela is rumored to be working on a collection for H&M, naturally I was excited.  Then I got to thinking – H&M and Margiela is this really a match made in heaven? Can the cray cray fashions of Maison Martin Margiela really be transformed into the mainstream? They did manage to do it with the MM6 contemporary line so maybe there is hope. Either way I am interested in checking it out. Some people are saying that Margiela is selling out but if you ask me there is nothing wrong with making a few extra bucks, gaining more brand awareness, and making fabulous fashion available to everyone.

(via Fashionista)


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