Priceless Style: An Investment in Yourself

One of my clients said this to me the other day and I have to say I sort of agree …

“Buying clothes is a lot like buying a car – they lose their value right after you drive them off the lot.”

Statements like that help reaffirm my own motto, which is “never pay retail”. You all probably know this by now but I am the queen of a bargain. 99% of the designer pieces in my closet were on mega sale. Why pay full price when it’s going to be on sale in a matter of weeks anyhow?

My motto does come with exceptions because there are certain items that are well worth the spurge – items that will not only last you a lifetime but will fetch you a pretty penny through resale later.

1.)  A classic handbag. Not an “it” bag but a classic bag like a Chanel 2.55, a YSL muse, a Balenciaga city bag – basically any bag that a designer makes season after season. A quality handbag rarely (if ever) goes on sale and is well worth the splurge.

2.)  Anything Chanel. Almost everything with a double C can be classified as a classic. You can wear Chanel at any age and the resale value is out of this world. In some cases you can get more than what you paid for it – if you hang on to it long enough.

3.)  Classic designer shoes. Truth be told I purchase most of my designer shoes on sale because I gravitate more towards a crazier looking shoe. However, when it comes to the classics I spend full price. Lanvin ballet flats, a classic black Prada pump, a pair of peep toe Louboutins … all worth the splurge.

Just remember, it may hurt for a minute when you are dropping crazy coin on designer clothing and accessories but think of it as an investment. These pieces will last you a lifetime and you won’t have to replace them over and over again like you would with less expensive purchases.

So tell me, what do you splurge on?

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Fifth Third Bank via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Fifth Third Bank

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