Messiah Moment: Pierre Balmain

If a fashion genie appeared before me and granted me three wishes I would wish for 1.) a Chanel bag in every color, shape, and pattern 2.) a limitless credit card that never needed to be paid off and could only be used for fashion purposes and 3.) every single Balmain garment that my little heart desired.

Pretty tall order, I know. Especially the unlimited Balmain part (that stuff is expensive!). Lucky for me there is Pierre Balmain, a more affordable line from Balmain. In today’s Messiah Moment I am wearing a fantastical and sporty leather jacket from the collection. Oh and PS – it’s on sale!

Jacket by Pierre Balmain

Nails by Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Necklace by Givenchy

Black tee by Alice + Olivia

Sequin jeans by Siwy

Ring by Luv AJ

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