Learn How to Become a Personal Stylist

When I tell you that I love my job I’m not pulling your leg. I really love my job and am so fortunate to get to do what I love every day. Did I mention that I also have, like, 90 jobs? I am personal stylist in Los Angeles, the president and a teacher at School of Style, I’m a blogger, and some people actually call me a “fashion expert” – I like that one.

I feel so lucky to have gone from a fashion fanatic, to a fashion design student, to a retail worker, to an internet start-up junkie, to a stylist. Let me tell you something  it didn’t come without help, which is why I love helping other aspiring stylists at School of Style, a school specifically for fashion stylists.

I have a few classes under my belt in Los Angeles and now I am taking this show on the road to New York. So come hang out with me for a day and learn how to become a successful personal stylist.


For more information and to register visit www.theschoolofstyle.com

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