How to Shop at Saks OFF 5th

It’s time for another one of my handy-dandy bargain shopping guides! After sharing my secrets on how to shop at Last Call and Loehmann’s – I just can’t seem to stop the insider information from flowing.

Oh well.

Now, the stores may seem similar but let me tell you the tactics are different. If you want to reach the master bargain shopping level that I am on, you need to pay attention. Ready? Ok. Whoa cheerleading flashback …

Check out my guide to shopping at Saks OFF 5th.

1.) Check your email before you leave the house. If you aren’t on Saks OFF 5th’s mailing list then shame on you. I know daily newsletter’s can be annoying but Saks OFF 5th has special deals daily like an extra 50% off clearance or 30% off designer clothing AND they include printable coupons pretty regularly. You really want to check the dates for these promotions, that way you can plan your shopping trip accordingly. I have made the mistake of just waltzing in on a random day only to find out that sale starts a couple of days later.

2.) Get or bring your More! Card. The staff at Saks OFF 5th will ask you handful of times if you want a More! Card. Your gut reaction will be to say no but this is a card you want to say yes to. The More! Card gives you access to special sales and discounts. Did I mention this card is free? Yeah, it’s free. Get one.

3.) Start with the shoes. In my experience OFF 5th has the best shoes. The selection may not always be plentiful but the you are sure to find a hidden gem or two with every visit. Some of my best shoes come from OFF 5th. I’ve found Chanel, Givenchy, Nicholas Kirkwood, Alexandre Birman, Brian Atwood, Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, Alaia … need I go on? Start here because some other fashion savvy chick might beat you to the punch. If you find something you like, just hold your merchandise at the register while you finish your shopping.

4.) Next stop, the contemporary department sale rack. I love the clearance rack that houses the contemporary lines. There you will find Rag & Bone, 3.1 Philip Lim, MM6, Marc by Marc Jacobs and more. Bonus, almost every time I visit OFF 5th this rack is an extra 50% off. So basically everything is free.

5.) Don’t forget the designer section. I’ve noticed that the OFF 5th designer department is considerably smaller than say Last Call by Neiman Marcus, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look. The designer items they have are super high-end are often an additional 30% off. I once found a Chanel jacket there but I wasn’t quick enough to bring home the bacon.

6.) You can’t overlook the accessories. OFF 5th has the best accessories! Don’t be intimidated by the glass cases, there are deals in there too. They also have the biggest variety when it comes to designer sunglasses. I got my Celine shades there. So don’t sleep on the shades.

7.) Finally, become BFF’s with the staff. I shop at OFF 5th so often that the sales associates literally know me by name and are quite lovely might I add. It will be in your best interest to chum up with them because they will give you the inside scoop on when the new shipments come in. I work with a specific associate who calls me when my favorite brands come in and when they are having a sale.


So there are 7 tips to help you successfully shop at Saks OFF 5th. Happy shopping!

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