How to Shop at Loehmann’s

To me Loehmann’s is like the mecca of bargain shopping. They are the OG’s of the designer fashions for less. I love me some Loehmann’s. Out of all my bargain haunts Loemann’s has the best selection and some of the best opportunities for extra savings. Unlike outlet stores (which I love) you don’t  have to travel miles and miles to find a great deal. My local Loehmann’s in Beverly Hills is only 15 minutes away. Score!

However even with convenient locations shopping at Loehmann’s can be a bit overwhelming because let’s face it, the stores are huge!! So here are a couple of stylist’s tips on how to navigate this gigantic store and walk away with a deal.

1.) Come in armed with coupons. If you aren’t on Loehmann’s mailing list yet, shame on you. This is the one mailing list that you don’t want to avoid. They send amazing coupons and invitations to their exclusive sales. My local Loehmann’s had a vintage Chanel event … hello! If I wasn’t part of their mailing list I never would have known. Perhaps the most important element of being on their list is the coupons. They are always sending coupons for an extra 20% off, which really helps at checkout so don’t miss out.

2.) Join their Insider Club. For a small fee (I’m talking small- $25 a year) you get some amazing perks. I am a Diamond Club member which gives me 10% off every purchase I make, 10% plus an extra 15% off on my birthday, free delivery, and an extended return policy. Out of all the savings clubs I am a part of this is by far the best.

3.) Start in the Backroom. The best deals are found in the Backroom, that is where you will find all the designer fashions. Don’t bother starting with the shoes and bags because the selection isn’t as spectacular as the clothes. If there is a Backroom clearance section, I start there (of course). If not I look at the labeled racks to see which designer I want to tackle first. That is another awesome thing about Loehmann’s is they merchandise their stores really well.

4.) Don’t fear the fitting room. A lot of women freak out over the communal fitting rooms. To me they aren’t scary because I am on a mission for savings. There is no time to get all self-conscious. Here’s a little secret … all of the other women in the fitting room are focused on deals too! No one is looking at your cellulite and judging you. I swear. BUT if you are still freaked they do have some regular fitting rooms but the wait for those is a bit longer.

5.) Ask for help. Unlike other bargain stores where they typically have one of everything, Loehmann’s can size hunt for you at other store locations. Take advantage of this perk – it will save you money at the tailor.

6.) Just buy it. Don’t live with shopping regret, it’s the worst. You are 100% getting the best deal at Loehmann’s – you won’t find it cheaper somewhere else. I have purchased some of the best pieces in my wardrobe at Loehmann’s and the pieces I left behind still haunt me to this day.


Hope my tips were helpful! Now please head over to Loehmann’s and start shopping. If you are in Beverly Hills there is a good chance you’ll run into me snatching up a deal.

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  1. I love Loehmann’s! I went to a book signing with Candace Bushnell from SATC and when asked to describe her style she said she is a big Loehmann’s shopper – she would buy the 90% off one of a kind designer items from the Back Room! 

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