Deal of the Day: 3.1 Philip Lim ‘Cody’

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What: 3.1 Philip Lim ‘Cody’ shoes

Retail Price: $595.00

My price: $359.00

The Kicker: I needed a pair of silver shoes for a wedding that I am in later this month. Silver shoes aren’t the easiest shoe in the world to find and if you do find a pair, the chances you wanting to wear them again is slim to none. I found this pair at Barney’s in Beverly Hills and almost wrote them off because they looked too casual. Curiously drove me to try them on and they looked phenomenal!  Not only did they look amazing but they felt amazing too — so comfortable!!

My bridesmaid’s dress is floor length so people won’t really get to see theses beauties. However, because the shoe is so comfortable and so versatile I can (and will) wear them in my everyday life. So excited!

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