Current Obsession: Black Soap

Through my recent partnership with AMBI and also through my new found blogger buddy Angel from K is for Kinky, I’ve discovered Black Soap. Can I just say this: LIFE CHANGING! Seriously, where has this gosh darn soap been all my life? I’ve mentioned this in a past post but recently the skin on my face has been clear as a bell but my upper back has been breaking out (I blame my Pilates machine). I’ve been using regular facial cleanser on my back with some promising results but nothing life changing.

Enter Black Soap.

I was told that this soap would blow my mind. That this soap would clear up blemishes in a flash. Well they were right! I honestly feel like a fool for just discovering this soap. Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner?? At any rate, I know now and my skin is forever grateful.


4 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Black Soap”

  1. Love Black Soap. I used the Shea Moisture one that comes in body wash and I love it. I also love the fact that it’s $9.99 for a giant bottle that lasts me for a long time.

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