Current Obsession: Nail Art

For a girl who has chipped nails more often than not and who regularly forgets to make appointments at the nail salon … I sure have a big obsession with nail art! I mean like a full on obsession. I have officially jumped on the nail art bandwagon. I  have also taken said bandwagon for quite a few joyrides around the block.

Perhaps I like this trend because it brings out my inner child or maybe because you can make your nails so silly that it’s okay if they don’t look perfect. Or it could be the fact that brands like Sally Hansen makes mess-up proof nails with their fantastical nail art stickers … Whatever the reason I am sold, sold, sold.

Last week while on a really cool video shoot (more on that later) my nails acted as mini canvases for the nail artist that was on set.

There she goes working her magic on me. Taking my nails from ho-hum to ho-ly smoke those nails are awesome!

The final product …

This won’t be the last of my nail art postings! There is more nail art fun to be had. I actually have a bunch of nail art ideas on my Pinterest beauty page. Check it out!

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