Current Obsession: ShWings

It’s safe to say that I am shoe obsessed. If I could only buy one thing for the rest of my life it would probably be shoes – after food (let’s be realistic). I am heels girl at heart, have a soft spot for ballet flats, and am a lover of boots. Sneakers are pretty low on the totem pole but lets face it, they are necessary.  So I go out of my way to buy stylish sneakers.

I’ve accumulated some pretty amazing designer sneakers over the past few years but when it comes down to it my poufy high-tops and athletic shoes are the most comfortable. The question is how do I make them more stylish? Crazy shoe laces? That could work … I guess but I want more. So you could imagine my excitement when I was introduced to ShWings!

ShWings are these amazing little wings that you attach to your sneakers. They come in a ton of different colors and add instant excitement to your kicks. I have a silver and gold pair and they have wrangled in more compliments than my designer sneakers. Seriously. Don’t you just love them??!!

They will be available in stores next month but you can Like them on Facebook now for updates and sweet images.

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