Wardrobe Essential: The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket aka the jean jacket – every girl’s gotta have one!

I had my first jean jacket way back when in my early years – I was probably 5 or 6 years old. The darn jacket was not only practical, it made me feel like one of the cool kids. Today, the jean jacket still holds a special place in my wardrobe. This wardrobe essential is a classic piece that instantly takes any outfit and makes it casual and cool. The beauty of this type of jacket is that you only need to but it once. The more worn in and aged it looks, the better. I have a classic Levi’s denim jacket and it only  gets better with age.

Quiksilver, Topshop, J Brand, TEXTILE Elizabeth and James


One of my favorite ways to wear a denim jacket it with a dress or a skirt – especially if the skirt is too dressy for day but you want to wear it during the day. For example, I have this amazing Marni skirt that has sequins and embroidery on it (very evening) – I paired it with a white tank and a classic denim jacket and I was ready to take on the day.

Here is a little more inspiration for ya …

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  1. I agree a denim jacket is definitely a closet essential for both men and women and they go with almost anything. I’m so glad I kept all of my jean jackets lol, because they’re on trend again and what’s fun about this bout in jean jacket popularity is that all washes, cuts, lengths, colors and even jackets with embellishments are hot right now. 


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