How to Wear a Cardigan

You know what I love? I love a completer piece (wise phrase I learned from Stacy London). A completer piece is a garment that completes an outfit, like a jacket or a cardigan. I am the queen of the jacket as my completer piece but I do have a sweet spot for a cardigan as well. In fact, I am wearing a great one from Dries Van Noten right now.

Cardigans seem easy enough to wear but with any garment, there is room for confusion. Do I button it all the way up or do I just button a few? What do I do with the sleeves if I get a little hot? What if I’m so hot that I need to take off my cardigan but have no place to put it?

Fear not because I answer all of those questions for you in my handy eHow Style video. Enjoy!

You know you want to rock a cardigan after that video so please take a look at a few of my current favorites.
Meadham Kirchhoff, Moschino Cheap & Chic, D&G

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