Current Obsession: Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses

This is going to sound like a lie but this is totally true …

This morning while I was leaving Pilates I was watching all the cars zoom by on Franklin Avenue to get onto the 101 freeway. I was so busy noticing all of the drivers sunglasses that I didn’t even get pissed at the fact that no one was letting me in. I thought about how cool sunglasses are. They are so necessary to everyday life. Usually things that functional and necessary are pretty dull looking but designers have managed to make them look so fabulous. I mean, there has to be a bit of science behind making a pair of comfortable, flattering, and stylish sunglasses because everyone’s faces are different.

So yes, I did trip on that thought for a good 3 minutes before someone finally let me in. Then I was back to my regular old thoughts like “What am I going to eat for breakfast, I haven’t grocery shopped in ages” and other mundane thoughts like that.

As the universe would have it, today I get an email about the most fabulous sunglasses ever created. You have to see these!!! They are from a special edition collection from Roberto Cavalli called ‘Wild Diva’ that is coming out this fall.  Mark my words, these glasses WILL be on my face this fall. So good.

One thought on “Current Obsession: Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses”

  1. I should say that this collection looks really fantastic and unforgettable. The frames are so beautiful and unforgettable. This style is aggressive and I like it most of all. Also they attract my attention with the textures of materials. Brilliant sunnies!

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