Current Obsession: Gladys Tamez

Ready for the worst kept secret ever? I can’t stand doing my hair. If I could pull off the shaved head look – I would. Even though I am getting better at doing my hair myself (and I’ve also found the best hair stylist ever in life) I still struggle with bad hair days. That struggle has birthed a love affair with hats. Hair isn’t acting right? Put a dope hat on. Done and done.

Currently, I am in LOVE with hats from Gladys Tamez. In fact, I just bought one the other day and I can’t wait to break it out for a Messiah Moment.

This last  hat (aka my new hat) totally nails the menswear trend that is always in style.

Definitely pop over to Gladys’s site to check out the selection. I’m totally stopping by her studio ASAP to add some hats to my collection. If one is good, then more is better. Am I right? Of course I am .

*all images via Gladys Tamez Millinery

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