Chic for Cheap: Forever 21 Edgy Jewelry

When I stopped by the Beverly Center yesterday to buy some spring cosmetics, I had no intention of going into Forever 21. However, thanks to the Beverly Center’s latest renovations the up escalator near Sephora leads your straight into Forever 21. Since I was forced in, I decided to check out their accessories.

I’m not a huge fan of Forever 21’s clothing (aside from a random piece here and there) but their jewelry is another story. Sometimes you can find some really cool pieces that don’t look they cost $3 after you style them out and mix them with more expensive accessories.

I really lucked out on this trip because I found some excellent pieces on the cheap.

I actually got two of the 2-row spiked bracelets. One in silver and one in gold – at $7.80 why not get two?

Shop Forever 21 stores for a wider selection but some of these pieces are available online right now.

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