Behind the Scenes: Westfield Celebrity Fashion Video

Yay! Another one of my Westfield videos came out. This video was shot in London (I officially have the coolest job ever) and is all about how to get celebrity style without being an actual celebrity. I picked my favorite Hollywood girls for this video; Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson, and Rachel Bilson. To me they all have great style that is timeless and attainable.

Check it out …

Here are some fun behind the scenes pictures for you to check out too!

The view from the monitor

The men who make the magic happen

My styling studio set

Getting a touch up – it’s takes an army


One thought on “Behind the Scenes: Westfield Celebrity Fashion Video”

  1. You look great, but you sound a bit rehearsed. Maybe relax a bit more so it won’t so rehearsed. Other than that, the video was great 🙂

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