Philips Beauty Event at The Grove

On Friday I headed over to one of my regular shopping destinations, The Grove. This time I wasn’t there working aka shopping. I was attending the Glam & Philips ‘Model Your Bare Confidence’ event hosted by Alessandra Ambrosio. The event was celebrating Philips Satin Perfect Epilator.

I was pretty pumped about the event. I mean when there’s a fabulous breakfast with other Glam bloggers, a Victoria Secret supermodel, a fashion show, and cool products- why not get excited? I was actually the most excited about the products. What can I say, I geek out over hair removal … I do!

The product of the day was the Satin Perfect Epilator. I had never even heard the word epilator before this event. I seriously had no idea what one was so I was happy to learn about it. Basically an epilator is a hair removing gadget that is like a grouping of electronic ceramic tweezers. The epilator is a total body tool that removes hair from the roots and keeps it away for 4-6 weeks. Um, sign me up!!

So of course a product that removes hair for 4-6 weeks sounds awesome but the question that came to my mind was ‘does it work?’ and ‘does it hurt?’ I don’t have enough hair to try it myself (give me a week cuz you’re gonna get a full review) but the Philips rep gave us the skinny and tried it out on herself in front of us! The truth- it’s no bed of roses if you have really sensitive skin but if you have regular old skin, it’s not too bad at all. The Satin Perfect Elpilator even comes with a massage tool for those with sensitive skin. For me, even if there is a little pain its totally worth it to not have to shave for a month and some change. So does it work? Yes it does. Do tweezers work? Yes. This tool is basically tweezers on steroids.

After learning all about the epilator, we had a fun little breakfast and a Q&A session with Alessandra. Alessandra has been using an epilator since, well, forever and she swears by it! She is the anti-razor. She also shared a few beauty secrets with us. Oh and trust me, you want her beauty secrets because homegirl gorgeous!

Top 3 Beauty Secrets from Alessandra Ambrosio

1.) Hydrate: She admits to not drinking as much water as she should but to make up for it she downs fresh juices, green juice, and coconut water.

2.) SPF/ Moisturize: She never goes without sun protection and moisturizer.

3.) Exfoliating the skin: Alessandra exfoliates her face 3-4 times a week and her body once a week.

And I of course had to ask her about her fashion choices for the day.¬† Alessandra was wearing an amazing pair of Jimmy Choo peep toe pumps, Jacquie Aiche jewelry, and an Isabel Marant dress. She also told me that she doesn’t wear black, she prefers color in her wardrobe and she loves how Dolce & Gabbana and Versace fits her body.

After the intimate Q&A session, it was time for the fashion show. The show was a quickie but there was lot of color and of course bare legs that were freshly epilated ūüôā

Here are some pics from the event …

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