Chic for Cheap: Deals from H&M and Forever 21

I recently took a trip to the mall to prep a styling job (gotta love my job) and I stopped into H&M and Forever 21 for some deals. I have to say, I was pretty impressed – in fact, I’m wearing pieces from H&M and Forever 21 as I type this post.

Let me start by saying that I still stand firm in my style philosophy, which is getting the highest quality garments that your budget allows. I have definitely found and this is a service that I provide to all of my clients, that you can find designer pieces for nearly the same price as can with non-designer big name store items (I won’t name names). However I also believe that a little cheap chic and mall time fun can be a great addition to any wardrobe, especially when it comes to trendier pieces.

Here are the pieces that I loved at H&M and Forever 21 …

H&M (PS- I am beyond excited for the Marni collection at H&M to come out tomorrow)

Floral blouse $24.95 (I’m wearing this top right now)

Gold chain necklace $17.95

Leather top $99

Pants $49.95

Jacket $34.95

Forever 21 (PS- the Beverly Center location is huge and definitely requires a tour guide)

This shirt is so cute!! $17.80

Bracelet $8.80

Dot fishnets $4.80

Leopard leggings $17.80 (I am wearing these right now and am LOVING them!)