Wardrobe Essential: The Blazer

Let’s get one thing straight before I carry on with this post – there is a huge difference between a “blazer” and “the blazer.” A regular old blazer is some ho-hum piece of clothing that is used for function. For example, a blazer could be used to keep warm in the office or a quick fix for looking professional. However “the blazer” is a fabulous piece of clothing that acts as a completer piece to any ensemble.

Now that we are clear on what this essential is, lets get down to business.

I woke up this morning with the need to write this post because I realized I have been living a lie. I swore up and down that I was the queen of leather jackets and had more of those than any other type of jacket. However my closet told me something very different. As it turns out I have around a dozen leather jackets but I have over two dozen blazers! Yeah that’s right, over two dozen. That’s more than 24 blazers and I don’t work in corporate America. This realization would usually be a signal for a person to stop buying blazers but it only makes me want more.

Why? Because blazers are such an important piece in a great wardrobe. I mean, what other garment can keep you warm and change the entire look of your outfit?

Here are a couple of examples:

Beat up jeans + white tee shirt + BLAZER = Put together downtown ensemble

Colored skinnies + white tank + uber chic BLAZER = an outfit that is ready for after work cocktails

Boring be gone = a little print mixing + a classic black BLAZER

A standard summer outfit of shorts + striped tee + red BLAZER = suddenly interesting and chic

And while we’re on the topic … I just bought a new blazer at Loehmann’s this weekend. It is Moschino and it has a little tug boat on it. I couldn’t resit.

moschino tug boat blazer

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