Wardrobe Essential: Leather Pants

Let’s start by me stating that I love leather pants! Love them. I would wear them during the summer months too, if I could – actually I probably have … Leather pants are sexy, stylish, and are actually quite versatile. It’s time to remove all of your old ideas about only biker babes wearing leather pants. Today leather pants can worked into virtually any wardrobe. They can be made to be sophisticated, sexy, edgy, and with the right accessories they could even be preppy – hey, why not? Point is, if you don’t have a pair of leather pants in your wardrobe – get some!

There are a few different options when it comes to leather pants. Which option is for you?

1.) The Leather Legging. When leggings made their return to the fashion scene, the reviews were mixed. Is everyone going to look like lazy bums who just walk around all day in their workout clothes? Are women going to look like they belong in a Vegas casino rather than roaming the streets of their respective cities? Valid concerns but in the end comfort prevailed and leggings are now here to stay. This forced designers to make leggings look fashionable and remain comfortable. Enter leather leggings. Hello, awesome!! Leather leggings can look edgy in black or just ridiculously stylish in a color like forest green or cream.

2.) The Leather Jean. The classic, the stylish- the leather jean. Wear them just like you would jeans but with much stronger results. These will often have a more relaxed fit than the leather legging, which is suitable for a more classic look. Leather jeans are also great because you can tuck in your top into the pants and you can work a belt into your ensemble. Leather leggings are better paired with tunics and over-sized tops, where a leather jean looks wonderful with a tucked in blouse.

3.) The Leather Bell Bottom/ Leather Flare. I recently added a pair of leather bell bottoms into my wardrobe (image on the right) and I am so glad I did. Its a great way to add a retro flare too your look. I feel all rock n roll/ boho-chic when I wear mine. I definitely recommend channeling your inner 70s rocker when you throw on a pair- try adding a scarf and bangles to your look to totally nail it.

4.) Cropped leather pants. Add a little retro flare with a pair of cropped leather pants. Think I Love Lucy with an edge. To me, the cropped cut also adds a nice feminine touch. Plus, its a great way to show off a killer shoe!

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