Recap: Barneys Warehouse Sale 2012

I took being a shopaholic to a whole new level yesterday at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. How so? By waking up at the crack of dawn in hopes of being the first in line at the sale. Each season I get to the sale on the first day, right when the doors open. However, this season I woke up early to wait in line to get in. Why on earth would I wait in line for sale? Because I wanted first grab at the selection of shoes and handbags – that’s why.

You see at the Barneys Warehouse Sale there are some incredible deals on bags and shoes but they go fast!!! Women wait in line to get first grab at these goods. This year was no different. I got to the sale an hour and half early, which clearly wasn’t early enough because there were a gang of women in front of me. Once doors opened all hell broke loose.

Here is what I witnessed at the sale:

– A full on fight over a handbag. Yep! Some shopper snatched a bag out of another shoppers hands. There was grabbing, cursing, running … it was ridiculous!

– A packed mobbed grabbing at the shoes. You know those end of the world movies, where everyone is raiding the grocery store for the last can of beans? It was like that but with designer shoes.

Okay all mayhem aside … I totally scored at the sale! My wallet did not score but my wardrobe did. I only got two items but their amazement power is equal to 20 items.

1.) Alaia Leopard Hiking Boots. I have wanted these since FOREVER. They are so comfortable and totally rad. In fact, I waded through the end of the world shoe mob those these babies.

2.) Ann Demuelemeester leather jacket. I was actually mad that I tried this on. Why? Because it was so damn perfect and beautiful. Buying a sick leather jacket was not on my shopping list. But, nooo … this one just had to be all perfect 😉

So yeah, that was my day 1 experience of the Barneys Warehouse Sale in LA. I’ll probably go back for another visit to see whats left when the markdowns begin. I’ll keep ya’ll posted …

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