Marni at H&M Debuts March 8th

I rarely get excited over designer collaborations. I would rather get the actual designer pieces for less at an outlet or a bargain store like Loehmanns over standing in line for a poorly made version of designer clothing. Designer collaborations often look cute in their ad campaigns but in person they are so-so at best. Those are just my opinions, there is nothing wrong with a little H&M meets designer action but I personally don’t get very excited about them. So when I do get excited over one, its kind of a big deal.

Enter Marni for H&M. I love me some Marni!! The pieces are fun, quirky, and sophisticated. I have quite a few Marni pieces in my current wardrobe and I suspect as I get older – I will have a ton more. I don’t know, for some reason I can just picture myself being an older, quirky, Marni-lady … right?!

Anyways. I have clearly spouted off on a small tangent. Point is, I am excited about this H&M collection. The collections designs are based off of past Marni awesomeness. The designs are strong and the accessories are definitely something I would stand in line for. Speaking of lines, I hope there aren’t any. I want the collection be successful because I love and support Marni but man I can’t stand a packed line at H&M.

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