Current Obsession: Wool and the Gang

Years and years ago I got into knitting. My grandma taught me and I became obsessed. I bought every single sized knitting needle on eBay, I bought a ton of yarn, and I even knitted a couple of scarves. The something happened and I stopped knitting.

I guess the turn of events isn’t totally baffling. I just chocked it up to one of my many lost hobbies. For example, I once went on a jewelry making tangent, which also resulting in me purchasing every supply known to man only to make a necklace or two.

Unlike the jewelry making stint, my knitting bug came back. I’ve been totally into it lately! I got some great yarn in LA at Knit Culture Studio and made a great looking snood, a fabulous ribbed scarf, and a beanie. While I was in London I snatched up some chunky yarn at Liberty and am dreaming up a project as I type.

Most recently I was in New York City and added finding yarn to my to-do list. To my surprise I found out that NYC had a Wool and the Gang store!! I’ve been obsessed with Wool and the Gang ever since I saw them on Net-a-Porter. I wanted to order one of their knitting kits but I wasn’t ready to take the plunge. I had some many questions that I wanted to have answered before I started obsessively ordering knitting kits. Well my questions were answered when I stopped into their SOHO store.

… Are the instructions in the kits easy to follow?

… Yes, couldn’t be easier!! They walk you through step by step and even have a little knitting refresher course on the back of the instructions.

… But how is the yarn?

… Awesome! I find it so difficult to find really chunky yarn at any of the yarn shops I frequent. Sure they have “chunky” but my idea of chunky and their is obviously different. Wool and the Gang makes truly chunky knits in really cool colors.

… Is the kit worth the money?

… YES!!! OMG you get plenty of great quality yarn, needles, yarn sewing needles, cute patches, a pattern, and detailed instructions. So worth the money.

Another awesome bonus — The projects knit up super-quick so you get that awesome project to garment satisfaction. I just got my Trophy Headband kit a few days ago and I’ve already made 2 headbands and I’m this close to finishing my third. If you are a fan of knitting or want to get into it check out their site, which PS has amazing how to videos!

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