Shopping Guide: London Edition

I just got back from a fabulous trip to London. The trip was all business but of course I managed to make some time for shopping. Plus, shopping is my business, right?!

My plan was to go to London with two empty suitcases but I realized that I did need a gang of clothes for the job I was on. More to come on that later 😉 So I packed as lightly as I could, leaving room for purchases. Lucky for my wallet, most  items are cheaper in the states so I had to be smart when making my London purchases. I did, of course, make some purchases and I am 100% happy with each of them. More about the items later, right now we are focusing on the stores/ shopping destinations that I loved the most in London.

1.) Selfridges & Co. This is magical place. It’s like a department store on acid. So many shop in shops, a killer shoe departments, gifts, home goods, electronics, beauty, jewelry, food … you name it, they got it! Perhaps the most magical aspect of all is the fact that this place suits any budget. They have H&M and Chanel under the same roof! Oh and the whole top floor is all shoes. Can I just say that London has mad respect for their shoes because every shoe was presented as though the store was a museum. Amazing!


2.) Topshop I am not what you would call a “high street” fanatic but you can really get some great on trend pieces at lower price points at Topshop. Plus, Topshop is kind of a must see shop when you are in London. I visited the location on Oxford Street and it is massive!! I spent a lot of time looking through all of the racks at Topshop and trying things on. I actually found a bunch of take-home worthy pieces but I managed to exercise restraint and only purchased a handful of fun accessories. Definitely head into Topshop with a lot of time and patience because you can really score some amazing deals here.


3.) Liberty This is has to be one of my favorite London stores ever. Such a beautiful space with an amazing buying team. I described this store as Barneys on crack. This store has it all – clothing, accessories, furniture and home decor, fabric and yarn … it even has a designer vintage department. So amazing. I could spend hours in this store. Actually, I did.


5.) Harvey Nichols This is my favorite store ever. EVER. I could have spent ALL day and night here. The store is beautiful, the clothes are ridiculous-amaze balls-fantastical … words can’t even describe the magic. They were having a sale when I was there, which as you know sales are my thing. I left with the best Rick Owens boots ever for 80% off. So good.


6.) Harrods This is a must-visit spot in London but definitely not my favorite shopping spot. Is fab because they have everything!! Its like the biggest store ever in life but I don’t think I could shop it all in one day. It is incredible crowded and a tourist trap BUT you’ve gotta go see it just to say that you did.


7.) Portobello Market This is another spot that I hit because it’s a London shopping institution. It is a huge outdoor flea market that is full on vintage finds. It can be a bit overwhelming but if you love digging around for vintage finds, you will be in heaven. If you aren’t into digging around for old deals, then you will love the people watching the Portobello Market has to offer.


So those are my top shopping spots in London. Clearly, I’ve only hit the obvious spots. The next time I’m in London I’m going to dive deeper … much deeper.

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