Obsessed: Theyskens’ Theory Pre-Fall 2012

OMG. I am obsessed with Theyskens’ Theory Pre-Fall 2012 collection. Like, beyond obsessed. Maybe it’s because its exactly how I like to dress or maybe because its just pure genius manifested into fabric. Whatever the reason, I must own it all. The collection is everything I love in clothing and the runway styling is beyond. To me this collection is perfectly disheveled, tomboyish, sexy, cool, casual, comfortable, and all done with the proper amount of rock n roll.

Here are my favorites …

Sparkly tights/ leggings creation is the best use of sparkles ever. EVER!

Hi, I’m just chillin’ in an over-sized tee and I look amazing.

Yes to all if it. Especially the red boots

Tomboy-rocker chic.

The wants have over taken me.

I am SO about this. All of this. Give it to me.

Rock n roll magic right here, people

Did you fall in love too, or was it just me?

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