Loving! Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects

I may be a bit late to the party on this one but I am loving Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects. During a late night visit to CVS (okay it was 8:30pm) I wandered down the beauty isle and my inner impulse-buy voice called me over to the Salon Effects section. There they were in all their leopard glory. One last package of Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects in “Kitty, Kitty”. I felt like it was some freakish sign from above. I mean, I have been too busy to get my nails done at the salon and I’ve been dying to try this patterned nail trend. So there it was a $10 ticket to pure nail bliss.

The process was simple and the result were fantastic! I started my prepping my nails. You know – buffing them, cutting back the cuticles, filing them, all that good stuff … This is rare for me because usually I would just slap the nail stickers on and call it a day.  Then I followed the simple directions on the box and ended up with some fantastic looking nails.

Of course, there are some doubters out there on the fabulousness called my nails but I am a believer. This might just be my new thing. Scratch that. This is my new thing!

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