How to Shop the Barneys Warehouse Sale

If you read this blog or if you kinda-sorta know me, then you know that I LIVE for the Barneys Warehouse Sale. I am a self-proclaimed sale junky/bargain hunter. I love me some full-priced designer clothing too but my financial manager just loves giving me reality checks out how to properly spend my money. However, not shopping is not an option for me (hello, its my job). So I grease up my elbows and hit some sales.

The Barneys Warehouse Sale is the mother of all sales. After all the Barneys in Beverly Hills is probably my favorite store in LA. I get especially jazzed for the warehouse sale because rumors are swirling that it won’t be around for much longer. But lets not energize that though.

Moving on … A lot of people aren’t into sales like these because, lets face it, they are no walk in the park. Lucky for you, you have me to give you a couple of stylists tip and tricks to shopping the Barneys Warehouse Sale.

1.) Plan the timing of your trip based on your needs. If are stalking a product that you missed at Barneys or they had it on sale at Barneys but not it in your size, and if you are shopping for shoes or bags … then you need to hit Day 1 of the sale. The important thing to know about the first day of the sale is that the prices are the same sale prices as they were at the regular Barneys sale. There are no extra discounts on Day 1. So that kinda sucks for deep-deep bargain hunters BUT the selection on Day 1 is the best. If you could care less about selection and aren’t shopping with anything particular in mind, then go on the last day. The selection is pretty sparse but things are marked an extra 50-75% the lowest marked price. If you crazy like me – you will hit the sale on the first and the last day.

*EXPERT SHOPPING TIP- If you want a handbag from the Barneys sale you need to get there early. I’m talking REALLY early. Like bring your sleeping bag early.

2.) Dress appropriately. New Yorkers who have sample sales to hit every weekend, know this tip already but for those of you who don’t – here is your shopping uniform. A black tank top and leggings, a black tank dress with tights … basically anything that is easy to put clothes on top of or to slip off without causing a scene. Why? The dressing rooms at the warehouse sale are a sh*t-show. The lines are longs, the mirrors are non-existent … it’s a mess! Also be sure to wear shoes that are easy to get on and off. Not the time or place for your lace-up thigh high boots. No one is trying to be cute at the Barneys Warehouse Sale.

*EXPERT SHOPPING TIP- Bring a friend as your mirror. With the dressing room situation being sub-par you really need a second pair of eyes to tell you what looks good.

3.) Ditch your plans for the day and bring along some serious stamina. If you have something to do the same day as the Barneys Warehouse Sale, then don’t even bother going to the sale. Seriously. This isn’t a sale that is a quick browse. There is digging, there are lines, and there is a lot of merchandise. The first time I visited the sale, I spent 6 hours there! The last time I visited the sale I allowed myself 2.5 hours to shop because I had to go teach a class. Guess what?! I didn’t have time to check out, so I had to stash my stuff and come back at the end of the day. Not cool!

*EXPERT SHOPPING TIP- Don’t even think you can come back for your merchandise like I did if you run out of time. Your stuff won’t last 5 minutes unattended. Trust.

4.) If you love it, buy it. Seriously. I love reading blogs where they tell you to shop sales with caution. They tell you not to get all crazed just because something is on sale. These sites encourage you to put stuff back because you are under the trance of the sale. I call bullshit. If you see and you love it, you’d better get it. I am still upset about a pair of Gareth Pugh pants that I didn’t get on the last day of the sale. That happened like 2 years ago. Just get it. If you don’t like it later, sell it on eBay because the piece is gone after the sale. Gone.

*EXPERT SHOPPING TIP- Use your smartphone and your little helper. If I see a product that I am on the fence about, I check eBay to see how much it is going for. That way if I decide to sell it, I can see how much of a  loss or gain I will have.

5.) Know a bit about tailoring. Sales can be hard on the brain when you see a piece that is too big or on the damaged rack. The garment is damn near free but can it be salvaged and for how much? Bring a friend (or a stylist) who knows a thing or two about tailoring. Sometimes getting a piece taken in or getting a zipper replaced will only cost you a few dollars BUT sometimes garments that are too big require costly repairs making your sale price pointless. So get your facts together or pass on pieces that don’t fit.

*EXPERT SHOPPING TIP- Things that are too long are an easy fix. broken zippers also easy. Garments with holes in the fabric need to be left on the rack. Jackets that are too big also need to be left on the rack because getting the shoulder re-set on a jacket is pretty costly. Hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks. See you at the sale!!

Barneys NY Warehouse Sale in LA

Feb 10 – Feb 20, 2012


Los Angeles Convention Center 1201 South Figueroa, Kentia Hall Los Angeles, California 90015

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