How to Look Fashionable at the Office

The majority of my clients are fabulous Hollywood executives. In Hollywood the dress code definitely isn’t stuffy, so in the workplace exuding power, style, and confidence doesn’t need to involve a full-on suit. That’s where I come in. I like to get a little creative with the wardrobe because, hey – it is Hollywood, after all.

In order to look fashionable and appropriate in the office, you need to keep a couple of things in mind …

1.) Keep ’em covered, please. I’m talking about your boobs, you butt, your legs, and all of those fascinating lady parts that can give people the wrong impression. You can still be sexy and stylish while keeping covered up. No one said anything about dressing in head-to-toe fabric, okay! Use this opportunity to play with layers and to try out some of the longer hemlines that are very on-trend right now.

2.) Wear one “work-worthy” piece. You don’t have to wear a suit to be taken seriously these days but I believe that working in one “worky” piece is never a bad idea. Throw on a blazer, a pencil skirt, or a nice pair of trousers. The pieces are powerful and can change the look of many pieces in your wardrobe. Hello … dark wash jeans and a blazer = work-worthy. How about a great little dress and a blazer? Or a pencil skirt with your favorite tee and a cardigan. See what I’m saying?

3.) Add some fun with color and prints. For some reason people think that work clothes only come in brown, gray, and black/ pinstripes, solids, and checks. So not true! Add some color and prints for crying out loud! How amazing would a little star print blouse look under an updated suit or with a pencil skirt and a cardigan? Oh and please don’t under estimate the power of an animal print. These small changes will make big changes to your work clothing.

With all of those goodies in mind, lets take a look at a few outfits I created that are suitable for a creative work place.


Layer a button down shirt underneath a striped sweater. Mix prints with these fab jacquard pants from J Crew. I chose to take it there by also layering a fun Marni necklace to add some dimension and drama. Of course, the drama is completely optional.


I love a cape, yes I do. Go classic with a cape, turtleneck, and a great pair of Miu Miu trousers. Add some fun with a leopard print belt, red shoes, and a gold pendant.


Who said you can’t wear leather in the office? This green leather pencil skirt is totally appropriate for the office because of the cut and the color. Make it classic yet on-trend with polka dots! I went double dotty with a top and tights. Crazy, I know.

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