Adding to My Fashion Library with TASCHEN

Yesterday Taschen books stores had a HUGE sale going on at their retail stores. In fact, the sale is also happening online right now (limited titles online). They have amazing books for 50-75% off. Why are they so discounted? Because they are either floor models or slightly dinged up. The books I scored were in near perfect condition and on super-super sale. I got a gang of book for under $150 TOTAL!!

Here is what I got …

taschen1.) TASCHEN’s Paris by Angelika Taschen

2.) Taschen’s New York: Hotels, Restaurants & Shops by Angelika Taschen and Poul Ober

3.) Taschen’s London by Christine Samuelian, TASCHEN and David Crookes

4.) Fashion of the 20th Century: 100 Years of Fashion Ads by Alison A. Nieder and Jim Heimann

5.) Valentino by Suzy Menkes, Matt Tyrnauer and Armando Chitolina

6.) Fashion: From the 18th to the 20th Century by Tamami Suoh and Akiko Fukai

7.) TASCHEN’s Berlin by TASCHEN and Thorsten Klapsc

8.) Fashion Now (Icons) by Susie Rushton and Terry Jones

9.) The Costume History: From Ancient Times to the 19th Century by Auguste Racinet and Françoise Tétart-Vittu

Not bad for under $150, huh? If you want to bulk up your fashion library, I suggest you start at Taschen!

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