Trend Alert: Leopard Print Sneakers

Since becoming a stylist, I’ve incorporated sneakers into my wardrobe out of necessity. However necessity doesn’t mean ugly, it means a mission for me to go out and find the most stylish sneakers out there.

A sneaker trend I noticed, started about a year ago as a fad but now seems to be picking up momentum to become a full blown trend. That trend is leopard print sneakers. I first became infatuated with leopard print sneakers when Christian Louboutin did the leopard/spiked pair. Loved them but wasn’t willing to fork over the cash for something so gimmicky. Then came the Lanvin leopard sneakers. Fell in love. Still in love. I even found them at Neimans Last Call in Atlanta at a pretty deep discount but for some CRAZY reason, I didn’t get them. File that under “fashion regrets”. Anyways … since then I’ve had leopard sneakers on the brain.


Christian Louboutin leopard and spiked sneakers

lanvin leopard print high tops

Lanvin leopard print high tops

This weekend my mind was put at ease when I walked into the Michael Kors store to do a pull for the Style For Hire style closet.  While waiting for the manager my eyes wandered right over to an amazing pair of leopard high tops. They were just the shoes I needed to fill my Lanvin void!!! High tops, pony hair, cute, comfortable, and they were affordable.  So mine. So got them. Here they are:

michael kors leopard print high tops

Michael Kors leopard print high tops

Nice huh? Yeah, I know. Well if you aren’t feeling those. Here are some other options …


Jimmy Choo leopard print high top sneakers


Gienchi silk studded leopard print sneakers

See what I mean? Full blown trend. Would you wear it??

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