Style For Hire/ Westfield Mall Tour- Topanga

After two months of touring with Stacy London on the Style for Hire/ Westfield Style Tour … I’m finally home! I love, love, loved the tour but I am really excited to be back home in my own bed. The final stop of the tour (in Topanga) wasn’t far from home but it wasn’t home.  I had actually never been to the Topanga Westfield Mall before this tour and let me tell you, Topanga has one fabulous mall. The Nordstrom in that mall is killer!! It has a Chanel, a Dolce & Gabbana, and a Gucci store within the department store. So glorious.

Anyways … enough about my shopping escapades and onto the tour pics.

Stacy hosts the fashion show

The fashion show

Laurie Brucker and me

Todd Hallman and me

Kate Powell and me

My lovely SOS assistants Brenda and Jennifer

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