Deal of the Day: Loewe Madrid Pink Pumps

I am typically against sky high platform pumps of this nature. Why? Well, I call it the Kardashian effect. No offense to the Kardashians but they have made the slutty platform pump a closet staple and to be honest that look is fast becoming played out. However this pair from Loewe manages to cancel out the slut factor with the shocking hot pink color and black stitching detail. I was so impressed with the slut removal techniques, that I just had to take these babies home with me while shopping in NYC.

loewe madrid hot pink pumps

What: Loewe Madrid hot pink pumps

Retail Price: $450.00

My price: $187.00

The Kicker: Slut factor was instantly removed with the shocking pink coloring. Will look amazing with a a slouchy pair of light wash denim jeans and a sweater.

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