Deal of the Day: Giorgio Armani Lucite Choker

I was in NYC waiting for a movie to start and needed to kill some time. What better way to kill time than shopping? I went into good old Nordstrom Rack and found some fantastic necklaces by Giorgio Armani. I tried them all on (5 different statement necklaces) and fell in love with three of them. I actually didn’t buy them. Not a one. Then like a spazz I ran back to the store the next morning and got all three. Here is the first one …

Giorgio Armani lucite choker pink

What: Giorgio Armani lucite choker

Retail Price: $375.00

My price: $79.95

The Kicker: Totally on trend this season and isn’t all cheapy so I can use again when the trend returns in 10 years 😉

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