Best Boots Ever: Fiorentini + Baker

When it comes to shoes, for me the crazier the better. I was forced to organize my shoes yesterday because they had completely overtaken both of my closets. The organization process involved me clearing out my armoire and turning it into a shoe cave. Yeah, it was that bad. I even counted my shoes for the first time – I have 80 pairs. That does not include the shoes that are not in my rotation. I have at least 100 pair in my second bedroom that I use on styling jobs.

So what does this have to do with Fiorentini + Baker boots? Good question. Well of my 80 pairs of shoes 95% of them are not made for daily use. They are next level designer shoes that I pick up on my deal hunting adventures. Beaded Fendi booties that hurt after 1 hour of wear, beaded Balmain sandals with a 4 inch heel … not things I can wear everyday. For the 5% of my shoes that can be worn on a daily basis, I don’t scrimp and I don’t deal hunt. I go for it. Full retail.

One of my greatest pair of investment shoes are my black patent leather Lanvin flats. I can wear them with everything and they are oh-so comfortable. I realized last week that I need a boot equivalent to my Lanvin flats. I needed something comfortable, classic, and stylish that I could wear during the fall/ winter months. So I headed to Barneys to hunt for the perfect pair. After trying on multiple pairs of boots, I landed on Fiorentini + Baker.

Fiorentini + Baker boots are the best! While they are a bit pricier than your average boot, they will last you forever. They get more comfortable as you wear them, they go with everything, and they are just plain fantastic.

Here is the pair that I got … The Eternity Boot…


Tell me … What is your investment shoe of the season?

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