Inked: My Love for Fashion

They say that after you get one tattoo you are totally addicted and will end up getting more. For me (much to my parents disappointment) that is totally true.

I got my first tattoo in 2004 (I think … I’m bad with years) on my wrist. When I moved to Los Angeles I got one on my hip.  A few months later I got a bunch of stars tattooed on my stomach. A year later I got a rose tattooed on my back. A couple months later I added another rose. I thought I was done but I wasn’t and ended up getting a little something=something on the inside of my bicep.

Now two years later, I have marked up my arm some more. My parents are totally going to cry when I see them next or when they read this blog post. Sorry, family!

For my latest inky installment, I’ve inked my love for all things fashion by getting four wire hangers tattooed on my forearm. I freaking love it!! So happy with my work of art.

hanger tattoo

And yes, I’m already thinking about what I’ll get next. Stay tuned …

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