Adventures in Mall Shopping

I’m not a mall girl – I haven’t shopped in a mall-mall since high school. In fact, malls give me anxiety. The people, the crowds … its all too much for me to handle. However since I’ve been on the Westfield Mall Style Tour with Style For Hire, being in a mall 12 hours a day is sort of a requirement.

A large part of my job is shopping/pulling clothes in the various stores in the mall. This job requirement has proven to be very dangerous. Why? I’m buying stuff for myself. Oops. What??? There are some serious deals out there!! Here are some of the items that have found their way into my suitcase during the tour.

PS- I still have four more weeks of the tour, which means four more weeks to buy crap at the mall. Pray for me.

The Store: Coca Nico

The Product: Sugar skull bracelet

The Price: $39.95

The Result: Wonderful. I just added it to my daily arm entourage.


The Store: Gap

The Product: Striped mohair sweater — I got the neon yellow and black version

The Price: $49.95

The Result: Fantastical! It’s a bit itchy so it requires a shirt underneath but its SO very awesome.


The Store: Forever 21

The Product: Nirvana tee shirt

The Price: $16.95

The Result: Musically I am stuck in the 90s and I’m okay with that. This shirt was so necessary. Plus, didn’t Nevermind just have its 20 year anniversary. See? Necessary.


The Store: New York & Company

The Product: Black cape

The Price: $79.00

The Result: Not only have a received more compliments that any other piece in my wardrobe. Me wearing this all weekend helped the Seattle store sell out of the cape. Hello, fabulous!


The Store: Nordstrom

The Product: Givenchy earrings

The Price: $65.00

The Result: Givenchy has some serious awesome jewelry at some seriously awesome prices. Get on it.


The Store: Forever 21

The Product: Gold stud bracelet

The Price: $4.80

The Result: I mean, a bracelet under $5 that doesn’t look like a bracelet under $5 … Yes!


The Store: Jujubee

The Product: String bracelet with eye charm

The Price: $2.00

The Result: String bracelets are unreasonably priced in the real world and I have secretly always wanted one. When it comes down to it $2 was all I was willing to pay. Dreams really do come true.


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