Style Pick: Backpacks are Back

I’ve been meaning to purchase a backpack for a while now. I am always at the airport carrying around a purse plus a separate bag loaded with all of my carry-on needs (laptop, iPad, magazines, snacks, books, chargers, etc).

You know what?

It’s getting a little heavy on the arms. I figured a good remedy for this would be a backpack. Problem was out of available backpack selection, they were all so hideous. I mean, Jansport is totally appropriate for high school but as a (gulp) 30-year old … that just ain’t gonna cut it.

Lucky for me, backpacks are back and are more stylish than ever. I actually saw an adorable one on the Rachel Zoe Report. It was a leopard print one by Pierre Hardy. That of course isn’t the only stylish one on the block. There are some others that I have my eye on. Here are a few plus some celebs who are feeling the trend.

An unidentified Olsen twin keeping it real in a backpack

Rihanna loves her blue backpack

Alexander Wang ‘Marti’ backpack

Badgley Mischa canvas backpack (on sale at select Nordstrom stores)

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