My Favorite Bra-Related Accessories

I’ve stressed the importance of a great fitting bra many times but I’ve never really talked about bra accessories. Working as a stylist I use tons and tons of bra-related accessories that come in super handy on a job. Now I am not suggesting that you need to use these every day but if you have an event or a strap that won’t stay put- you will want to add these items to your lingerie drawer.

1.) Strap Perfect: Yes this is one of those cheesy “as seen on TV” type of products but let me tell you something … its excellent! If you have a racer back top but are lacking a racer back bra then this is your ticket to the top. They are a bit tricky to put on so I suggest you get a friend to help you.

2.) Breast Petals: Almost every woman has heard about breast petals by now but in case you haven’t, breast petals are little stickers to cover up your nipples. Why would you need that? Well no one likes to see nipples poking through your silk chiffon dress. Breast petals come in a variety of forms; flower shaped band-aid like stickers, silicon stickers, and reusable silicon covers (my personal favorite).

3.) Top Stick/ Super Stick It!: I am Super Stick It! fan myself but either will do. This stuff will stick your skin to your clothes or your clothes to your clothes. Its a great way to close the gap between buttons on your button down shirt or to keep your girls from having an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

4.) Strap Keepers: Not only does it an out of place strap ruin an outfit but its just plain annoying to keep moving your bra straps back in place. This little gadget helps with that. Another helpful use for this product is to keep a bra strap in place where it normally won’t stay in place. For example, adjusting your straps to accommodate a boat neck top.

Those are my personal favorites, here are a few more that always come in handy too …

– A bandeau bra in black and in nude

Adhesive bras

Water push up pads aka cutlets (to add a cup size without surgery)

Bra extenders for bras that need a little extra back room

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