I’m a Style For Hire Stylist

I blogged about my experience at Stacy London’s Style For Hire training a few months ago. I also mentioned that I was one of the “chosen ones” who is now an official Style For Hire stylist … But I didn’t really tell you what that means, what Style for Hire is all about, and I didn’t share my Style For Hire profile/booking page with you either. Shame on me. So here I go …

Style For Hire is an agency of personal stylists that are trained by Stacy London. Anyone in need of a fashion update can book a stylist through Style For Hire. Pretty cool, huh? SFH has a variety of services for clients to choose from including; closet audit, closet shopping, personal shopping, styling parties, and custom appointments. Clients are billed hourly.

Style For Hire stylists work with people of all shapes, ages and budgets to help them find the look that’s best suits their lifestyle. We also teach our clients how to dress their body-type, find colors and silhouettes that flatter them most, and we recommend where they should spend and splurge in their wardrobe.

Lauren Messiah and Stacy London

So yeah, that’s what it is and I happen to be one of the stylists. Soooo … if you know someone in need, go ahead and send them to my Style For Hire profile or have them contact me directly through my personal styling site www.laurenmessiah.com.

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