I Was Blogging Before Blogging Was Cool

Sweet title, huh? It was inspired by this terrible fashion memory that I just can’t shake. When I was in the 7th grade the grunge look was at it’s peak. I was wearing flannel shirts, stovepipe jeans, and this awful tee shirt from KMart that said “I was grunge before grunge was cool.” It was a men’s department shirt and it had this stupid cartoon bear on it. Ugh, I can’t believe I wore that thing …

Anyways my middle school fashion trauma isn’t actually what this post is about. This post is about the fact that I just realized this month marks my 7-year blogging anniversary. Seven freaking years! Isn’t that crazy? So when I say “I was blogging before blogging was cool”, its kinda true! I was fresh out of college and working an administrative job at AOL when I started my blog. My blogging platform was AOL Journals. Remember that? Of course you don’t. It wasn’t very memorable and is now long gone. My blog was called ‘Ask Fashion Kitty’ and the goal of the blog was to answer peoples fashion questions. I had 13 readers a day and no one was asking me any questions. So I started randomly writing about my shopping excursions, crimes of fashion, and what I was wearing each day.


No frills Ask Fashion Kitty on Blogger

With each day that passed, I got more and more readers. The fashion questions starting rolling in and I moved my blog over to blogger. I spent years on blogger cultivating my alter ego, Fashion Kitty. My readership surged and my inbox was filling up with fashion questions. I joined the Glam network for bloggers (I was one of the first) and started taking on advertisers.  To my surprise my little blog was taking me places. I moved out to Los Angeles and started to play in the fashion community. Through the work I did on my blog I started to score cooler and cooler fashion-related day jobs.


My “fancy” Ask Fashion Kitty banner. Not bad, huh?

Years later I moved over to WordPress (all the cool kids were going there) and I kept Fashion Kitty going. I marked my territory all over the internet and people were actually interviewing me to ask me my opinions on fashion. Crazy!! I was even quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

A few years ago, I shed my kitten fur and changed my blog over to “big girl” self titled blog. What a cool online journey. I may not be one of those bloggers who’s face is on a billboard in Time Square and I may not be sitting front row during fashion week (although my blog has taken me to quite a few fashion weeks) but my career has absolutely exploded as a result of this little blog.

Today, I no longer answer fashion questions on my blog but I now have my own business where I can help people with their fashion dilemmas in the flesh. I also get to help people by teaching what I know about fashion at School Of Style. I am even represented by Stacy London’s Style For Hire agency for personal stylists. So cool!!

So anyways, Happy Anniversary to me and thanks for reading.

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