Dress My Body Type: Plus Sized

Having a plus sized body can be challenging to dress but not impossible. If you follow these tips, tricks, and style guidelines you will have the most stylish plus sized body on the block. You have to remember that size doesn’t have to dictate your style. Style is available at any size!

A key thing to mention is this … The first step to dressing your plus sized body is to first identify the shape of your body. It’s all about scale people. You can be plus sized and still have an hourglass body (or a bigger on the top, bottom, etc). You first need to consider the fashion tips that go along with being that specific body type, then you couple them with the tips to dressing a plus sized body.

Make sense? Then let’s continue …


– Perfect 10 style fit is key! When you are plus sized its super-super important not to buy clothes that are way too big or way too small. Many purchase big baggy clothes to hide the body when in actuality is makes the person look bigger. Another common mistake is wearing clothing that is too small, remember just because you got it on doesn’t mean it fits. It’s easier said than done but try not to get fixated on the size the label says and focus on the fit. There are no standard clothing sizes. You can be a 12 in one store and a 16 in the next, so try and not let it get to you.

– Too much texture, ruffles, and draping can be a bad thing. Excess fabric and textured fabrics create bulk and when you are plus sized you may want to avoid that. Go for streamline cuts and smooth structured to create a slimmer silhouette.

– Heels are your new best friend. High high heels are magically because they are instant slimmers! If heels terrify you, try a nice wedge heel – they are comfortable, slimming, and stylish.



– A structured jacket

– V-neck tops and dresses

– Boot cut jeans

– Tops with a wide neckline to show off the face

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