Dress My Body Type: Not Curvy

A lot of people would give up their first born (okay, I exaggerate) for a straight up and down, curve-free body but the reality is unless you know exactly how to dress this body type– it’s not the most desirable of the body types. Why? Because the curve-free often long for curves (the grass is always greener, right?) and without surgery they don’t know to get them. Without the help of clothing or surgery, a curve-free body can lack a certain amount femininity that every woman wants on some level.

The good news is that clothing can help build curves. So step away from the scalpel because fashion is here to save the day.

I also want to add that this body type is typically associated with women who are extremely tiny (like size zero, super-model tiny). This isn’t always the case. Remember your size doesn’t dictate your body type but your shape does. What makes you “curve-free” are your measurements. If your bust, waist, and hip measurements are all coming in neck and neck … then you probably fit in the no curves category.

The key to dressing this body type is create the illusion of having a waist. That means you need to add volume to the top and to the bottom. Notice in the photo above how Kelly’s dress has extended shoulders and the skirt flares out to create the illusion of having a waist.

Want more tips? Of course you do …

– Don’t have a waist? Make one. As I mentioned above the goal is to create the illusion of a waist. Kelly Ripa did it by wearing a dress with extended shoulders and a flared skirt. You can also achieve this look by wearing garments with a nipped in waist, by belting garments, and using strategic seaming on your clothing.

Diane von Furstenberg nips in at the waist and adds volume to the shoulder.

Herve Leger fakes a waist with strategic seaming

– Create curves with fabric. Don’t have a chest? Have a flat booty? No problem because fabric is totally your friend. For curves on the bottom try adding pleats, zipper detail, and draped fabrics where you are lacking curves. Don’t forge the top though! Creating curves on the top and the bottom will help you balance your shape. Add curves to the top with ruffles, darts, textures, and large patterns. Its amazing what a little fabric can do.

Red Valentino knows how to work a ruffle!

Carven is working it out in this twist-effect dress

– Show off that body! The majority of curve-frees have that eviable clothes hanger body (where everything just hangs beautifully on you like a hanger). If you’ve got it like that, then by all means flaunt it. You are afforded certain fashion luxuries like wearing backless garments with no bra!! You can wear form fitting clothing without looking like you are working a street corner. Lucky.

Kate Moss and Gweneth Paltrow look stunning in dresses that could easily be fit for a street walker if they were worn on any other body type

Now its time for some do’s and don’ts …


– Wear clingy garments if you feel comfortable in confident in them

– Wear clothing that creates curves and the illusion of a waist

– Use ruffles, seaming, and volume to your advantage


– Wear garments that don’t fit on the top or bottom. That means boob cups that can’t be filled and seats of pants that look like a few extra bottoms could fit inside

– Get lost in super-baggy garments

Must- Haves:

– Backless garments

– Horizontal stripes

– Halter tops

– Deep V-necks

– Layers

– Fitted garments

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