Dress My Body Type: Bigger on the Top

Bigger on the top, are you? Seems like a awesome problem to have- but for a lot of women its far less than awesome. If you don’t know how to properly dress your busty frame, you can end up looking larger than you actually are. Not good. When dressing yourself, your goal is to create a balanced hourglass figure. With these tips and tricks, you can make your body go from looking like its going to topple over to being perfectly at balance. We like that.

A lot of people call this body type an “apple”. I prefer to call it like I see it, which is “bigger on the top”. So without further adieu … Let’s get dressed!

The secret to creating balance with this body type is to emphasize the waist and add volume at the bottom. Jessica Simpson achieves balance beautifully with the slight flare on her dress.

Want more tips? Here you go:

– Define your waist. A huge issue with women who carry their weight on the top is that they don’t create a waist. Wearing billowy, unstructured tops and dresses on this body types will create that “are you pregnant?” look and no one wants that look. Heck, pregnant women don’t even want that look. Look for tops and dresses that have a defined waist or belt your tops. Yes, you can belt a top or a dress just like you would belt your pants.

PS- Cowl necks are super-flattering for large busts too!

– Show love to the girls. You have a big bust, treat it with respect why don’t you? That means wearing a nice supportive bra and not showing your goodies to every passerby. Wearing tops that are too revealing can look vulgar. No need to dress like a nun. You can show your lady parts off but please do it in a tasteful manner.

On the topic of bras. Bras are super important to everyone but they are really important to you, Chesty La Rue. Please, please, please get a proper bra fitting. It will change your life. I really like bras from Natori and Wacoal.

>> Check out these bra fitting tips from Oprah.com<<

– So say no super-sized clothing. It may be tempting to wear those oh-so-fashionable oversize pieces but please steer clear. These shapeless frocks will make you look bigger all over. Bad.

– Add volume to the bottom. Skirts and pants with a slight flare will be your best friend. They will create that balance I was talking about before.

What’s a Dress My Body Type post without some good old fashioned do’s and don’ts …


–  Wear angled pockets, as they make your waist appear smaller than it already is

–  Wear a 50’s style circle shirt. It will accentuate your waist and the flare at the bottom will balance you.

–  Wide straps on dresses are your friend. They will conceal a supportive bra’s straps.


– Wear ruffles up top. They will make your chest appear to be even larger.

– Try to avoid skinny silhouettes on the bottom. They can make you appear extremely top heavy and unbalanced.

Are you bigger on the bottom? Then this post is for you!

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