Dress My Body Type: Bigger in the Middle

Carrying weight in the middle is a common body issue with women. Seems like a big deal but in all reality it isn’t a big deal. With the magic of clothing your little pooch can disappear. All it takes is a little mindful dressing. Dressing this body type is similar to dressing the bigger on the top body type – you don’t want to make your bottom half look too tiny because the goal is to create balance. The bigger in the middle body type can also snatch a tip or two from the no curves body types – as you need to create a waist even if you think you don’t have one.

There are some other tips I have to share with you, so lets hop to it!

– Its all about the pants! Try trouser cuts because skinny jeans will make you look cra-cra. Cra-cra meaning crazy. Well it might not make you look crazy but it will make you look horribly unbalanced.  The goal here is balance. A pant with a bit of a flare or a wider leg will be your new best friend. Another tip … Wear jeans with a higher waist they will conceal any belly rolls and will look super chic and sophisticated.

– Mind your A’s and V’s. A-line dresses and V-necklines will be your new closet must-have. An A-line dress will help draw the eye away from your tummy and will create body balance. A V-neck top also works in similar way, as it brings the focus to your face and neck and off of your tummy.

– One button, two button … but steer clear of three! One and two button jackets are great with girls with tummies. The single or double button will help create a fake waist. I do advise steering clear from three buttons because sometimes that third button just doesn’t want to button and also it can create a stuffed in look that won’t create that slimming silhouette.

Now for the quick do’s and don’ts for people who don’t like reading 😉


– Wear structured bottoms and wider legs to help create proportion

– Create a waist with belts and single button jackets


–  Accentuate legs with skinny jeans

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