Style Picks: July 2011

Whoa! Its almost the end of July and I haven’t posted my monthly Style Picks yet. I blame it on all of the recent travel + my blog being up and down due to my upcoming site launch (any day now). Enough excuses, right? Here are the pieces that I am adding to my shopping wishlist this month.


1.) Theyskens’ Theory Pepper mid-rise flared corduroy pants ($295)– There is something about blue. flared, corduroy pants that just speaks to me. They pants are saying “Lauren, come and embrace the softness of cords coupled with the retro flare leg that you forgot you loved.” Or something to that effect …

2.) Etoile Isabel Marant Wabi leopard-print cord pants($395)- Leopard print jeans are so wrong, they are right. I would say these are a definite must have! What a fun way to add a bit of excitement to your outfit with almost zero effort. They also have 2% stretch, which is obviously a bonus.

3.) Yves Saint Laurent Metallic jacquard shift dress ($2,590)- YSL never disappoints. I love, love, love this classic shift dress. Figure flattering and gorgeous. Now if we could just work on that price tag …
4.) Marni Embellished suede platform sandals ($1,160)– I’m such a fan of Marni shoes. Even the pair of flats that pinch my toes because they are a half size too small. These are fantastic and look pretty darn comfortable too. A total must have!
5.) Lanvin Amalia Voyage leather suitcase ($3,475)- If I had $3500 to spend on a suitcase, I would definitely choose this one from Lanvin. I love how it screams luxury without saying a word. It really irks me when I see people strolling through the airport with Louis Vuitton luggage. Lets be honest, most of them are fake. Even if they are real, it’s a little cliche and over the top.
6.) Roberto Cavalli Swarovski crystal and fluorite fox necklace ($1,310)– File this under “Fabulous.” So retro, so tacky, so needs to be mine. You can’t tell from the picture but the pendant is really large, which automatically makes it awesome.
7.) Givenchy Mini Pandora Messenger ($980.00)– One day the Givenchy Pandora bag will be mine! Right now I am really feeling the mini Pandora. Its so cute.

8.) Balenciaga Papier Ledger Animal Print Hair calf Tote ($2,895.00)- I seem to be really into bags right now. I saw this little dreamboat while I was out shopping in Venice the other day. Its so similar yet so different from every other Balenciaga bag I have seen. Definitely wouldn’t mine owning this one.

9.) Christian Louboutin Lisse 100 Suede Ankle Boots ($895)- I am pretty much over Christian Louboutin as a shoe brand. I know, I know … Don’t hate. It’s just that every Kardashian wannabe wants a pair of way too high Louboutins but the fancy red sole. However, there are some non-ho looking Louboutins out there and these are one of them. The blue and the cut out ankle is super adorable.
10.) Maison Martin Margiela Set of four 22-karat gold-plated knuckleduster rings ($480)– The double ring thing is tried but quadruple rings? Not tired at all. Very much awake. Margiela can do no wrong.

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  1. Read this while on the treadmill . . . Perfect entertainment! And you got some free advertising from people beside me taking a peek at this well-considered layout. ;-D

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